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Made in China Business Centre

We are standing by to offer assistance at any time to SM business. 

China can offer opportunities to source high quality products at a very competitive cost. We will help UK buyers from finding suppliers to maintaining long term supply; identify the methods and actions that lead to success, and how to avoid the pitfalls. Getting the benefits requires knowledge of the market conditions, supplier practices and the processes involved.

We can offer various types of trading related services, such as:

Get pre-selected quality suppliers (Background, list of regions of China, and where to consider)

Identifying suppliers, the main routes, pros and cons

Validating suppliers

Specifications and contracts


Payment methods

Quality management

Control and communication

Managing long run prices and security of supply

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VIP Business Trip Business Centres


VIP Business Trip Business Centre

China is an increasingly important manufacturing and trading hub for many international business travellers. However, the journey can be daunting for both inexperienced and seasoned travellers since it presents unique challenges and opportunities when compared to work-related visits to Western countries.

We can help you to make a business trip according to your requirements and your budget. We will take it for granted that you choose and determine your expense in China by yourself, because it’s you that know best the arm and requirements for this trip. But we will act as your china business assistant and friend to help you with your travel plan when you request. we will provide suitable suggestion for transportation and accommodation according to your travel route with an aim that save your time and money.

After knowing your specific requirements, we will discuss and communicate with you, and provide a detailed program agenda until you confirm it. So please contact us now and start preparing for your trip to China. Send email to:

When you come to China, especially to attend the trade fair or to visit your supplier, you might need some assistance to break down that language and cultural barrier between you and the person you negotiating with for best result. I can also act as your own business interpreter, assistant & secretary, a buying agent. NOT ONLY help you overcome the language and cultural barrier, ALSO stand on your side and try my best to protect your interests in business processing.

We can interpret and assist for:

1.  Trade Fair & Exhibitions

2.  General Business Meetings 

3.  Site Interpretation 

4.  Presentations  

5.  Factory Visits

Company Register & Trademark Centre

Company Register & Trademark Centre

New Business Start-up Offers!

Compared to registering a business in most Western countries, registering a business in China is challenging work filled with paperwork and bureaucratic red tape. It is practically impossible to properly complete the registration process without a qualified agency. Be sure that the agency is qualified and the agency has good connections and relationships with the various local authorities, and that they possess comprehensive knowledge about the numerous important aspects involved with legally and properly registering a WFOE.

China Company Registration

Company Formation

Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise (WOFE)  

The Business Scope is narrowly defined and interpreted for all businesses in China; a WFOE may only legally conduct business within the business scope that appears on its business license. 

Representative Office (RO)

A representative office is an organization that carries out market contacts and research for its headquarters, and assists in developing its business in other countries.

Joint Venture (JV)

A Joint venture is a company set up and invested by Sino and foreign investors. It effectively uses the advantages of local enterprises.

Partnership Enterprise (PE)

The Foreign Invested Partnership Enterprise (PE) is an unlimited liability business entity without minimum requirements on registered capital.

Let us help you make 2012 your most stellar year for business success!   We have an offer that we are quite certain is hard to refuse. China Britain Business Association has teamed up to offer you a complete package for launching your new business venture this year in China.  China Company Representative Office (RO)

1. China Company Representative Office ( RO) Beijing  - Full Registration  

2. Company Registration Address  -  1 Year

3. Beijing Virtual - 1 Year

4. Accounting Service   - 1 Year


Saving more than £600.00(RMB6,800.00)

China Company Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise  (WOFE)

1.China Company China Company WOFE ( Consulting) Beijing - Full Registration

2.Company Registration Address - 1 Year

3.Hong Kong Company Registration, Bank Account & Notary  

4.Accounting Service - 1 Year  


(Saving More than 10% )

1.China Company China Company WOFE (Consulting) Beijing - Full Registration

2.Company Registration Address - 1 Year

3.Hong Kong Company Registration, Bank Account & Notary  

4.Accounting Service - 1 Year  

5.Trademark Registration

6.Sectary & Legal Filing Service Basic- 1 Year


(Saving more than 20% )

+FREE ON-DEMAND PRESENCE Virtual Office Package

1.Prestigious CBD Registered Office Address

2.Dedicated Phone Number in your Company  Name  

3.Fax Shared Number  

4. Immediate Message Alert via Email & SMS  

5.Self-Collection of Mail  & Parcels  

6.2 Hours of Meeting & Office Facilities

To register a WFOE , JV, RO or PE in China you need a Registered address for your company .The Registered address has to be in a Government approved Office building.

If you don't want to rent your own office you can use our "company registered address" to register  your company from about £80.00 a year.

China Company Registration Address

A legal Company Registration address has always been a problem for Foreign companies doing business in China;

CBBA can arrange your registered address in Beijing or Shanghai

A Registered Company address is necessary for your WOFE, Representative Office or  JV Registration

We do a legal service, don't put yourself at risk with some illegal service that will disappear when you have a problem


We have Registered Office in Beijing from about £80 / year

Documents needed:

Copy of your passport, approved company name for Invoice.

How long does it take?

To get your  Company Registration address it rakes about 2-3 Days

Can I use this to register?

Yes, we find a legal address and you can use it to Register your Company

Can I order one if I am not in Beijing or China?

Yes, just email us a scan of your passport and transfer the fees we will courier or post the papers to you

What you get

Registered address in Beijing

Size of office: 10-20 sq.m

Location: ChaoYang District ,Beijing

Contract: 1-3 years (extendable)

Ownership certificate -building developer's State-owned land use certificate

Property layout drawing, Property Papers

Rent invoices

Leasing contract - office rental contract with stamp tax copy

Contract rupturing 1 month notice

Deposit £80 .

Contact us to book one : +44(0)01733 748 114

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Agent/Distributors Business Centre

Agent/Distributors Business Centre


Selling your products through distributors or agents is the “easiest” way to penetrate the Chinese market. It does not require a high investment and it allows assessment of the Chinese consumer’s reaction to your product.

It is not free of risks, though, as you may find yourself in the middle of a chaotic distribution network that is difficult to control.

a) Distributor vs Agent: Different Roles/Responsibilities

- Distributors buy and sell the products; their profit is the difference.

- Agents act in the name and on behalf of the foreign investor; they receive commissions on sales.

- Degree of trust: The agent generally enjoys a higher degree of independence and is able to change certain conditions without the explicit consent of the principal.

b) Tips on how to deal with agents/distributors in China

- Tip #1. Licences: Ensure your distributor/agent has the required licences to retail your products.

- Tip #2. Exclusivity: Try to reduce the exclusivity territory (you may attach a map to the contract). Generally, exclusivity for all China is a bad idea.

- Tip #3. Establish sales targets and regulate your rights in case they are not met (e.g. termination or end of exclusivity).

- Tip #4. Commissions: describe clearly the calculation basis for commissions in the agency agreement.

- Tip #5. IP Rights: Define the use of IP rights, promotion and publicity materials. Do not grant property on IP rights; grant instead a licence of use.

- Tip #6. Termination: Reasons for termination are a key issue in distribution/agency contracts. Do not forget to regulate the consequences of such termination (e.g establish sale of stock to third parties / to the foreign investor, destroy / return the promotion materials, etc.).

- Tip #7. It is quite common for entrepreneurs and SMEs to initially “test the waters” with a distributor or an agent, and once they understand the market better and how their product works, they take it to the next level.


a) Franchisors: Laws & Regulations

Under applicable laws and regulations, there are certain conditions imposed on franchisors in China:

- Legal form: Having a commercial company in China (JV or WFOE) or abroad. Individuals cannot establish a franchise in China.

- Previous experience: Having at least 2 own shops operated directly by the franchisor (in China or abroad), for more than one year.

- Business model: Having a business model and the ability to render assistance and give instructions to the franchisee, as well as technical support, training and other services.

- IP rights: Having a trademark, patent or know-how (suggestion: register your IP in China).

- Registration of confidential business information: For every signed contract, franchisors must register with the competent authorities highly detailed (and usually confidential) information, such as: original franchise contract, marketing plan, franchisee manual, etc.

b) Franchisees: Some things you should know about their rights

Your Chinese franchisee has some rights that you should be well aware of:

- Your franchisee has the right to unilaterally terminate the contract without paying an indemnity if:

1) the franchisee claims that the information supplied is incomplete or untrue.

2) after a “reflection period” the franchisee decides to back out.

c) Tips on how to deal with your potential franchisee

- Tip #1. Make the franchisee sign a receipt acknowledging that the information received is complete.

- Tip #2. Clearly define in the contract how long this “reflection period” will last and try to make it as short as possible (i.e. within 1 day from the execution of the franchise contract).

- Tip #3. Enter a non-disclosure agreement (“NDA”), as you will be sharing all your business information.

d) China Franchise: Main issues

- Lack of payment by the franchisee is common; there is not a real franchise culture in China.

- Lack of confidentiality.

- Difficulty in controlling brand image.

- Legal uncertainty due to:

a) franchisee’s right to unilaterally terminate the contract.

b) reclassification risk: if, in order to avoid the disadvantages, the franchisor has established a distribution network that works as a franchise in practice, authorities may reclassify the legal relationship and impose a penalty (RMB10,000 to RMB500,000).

e) Recommendation

- If possible, enter the market initially managing your own stores, so that you can fully understand the market before you start granting franchises.

f) Conclusion

For obvious reasons, the franchise regime is very restrictive for franchisors and inevitably favours franchisees. As a result, some companies establish a distribution network that works de facto as a franchise. As we have pointed out, there is a risk of reclassification into franchise and the consequent sanction. In addition, in the new draft of the Catalogue for Foreign Investment (which regulates which are the encouraged, permitted, restricted and prohibited activities to be carried out by foreigners in China), the franchising business is now encouraged, which make us think that in the future the regime will be less restrictive and more favourable for foreign investors.


This is an individually tailored mini-shop whereby the company rents a small space in a mall. The rent has often a fixed element (based on the number of sq. m. occupied) and a variable part (that is a percentage of the sales made).

a)Laws and Regulations

- You don’t need to establish a company in China to start your business through a corner – you may do it through a local agent.

- Your agent needs to have the so-called “Tax Payer General Status” (1).

- The term of these contracts is usually from 6 months to 1 year.

- Renewal is subject to sales targets being met.

b) Advantages

It is a small investment; it allows making the products known, understanding the potential client profile and checking consumers’ reaction.

c) Tips

-Tip #1 You should be aware that many malls impose restrictive conditions in terms of the brand ( must be a reputable international brand).

-Tip #2 The tenant must ensure a minimum profit in the first months.

-Tip #3. Often the contract (which is usually short term) may be terminated unilaterally by the landlord.


This could probably be, from a financial perspective, your riskier option. The main advantage, though, is the full control you have on your operation.

a) Laws & Regulations

- Shop equals Branch: So, for every shop that you open, you need to register a branch (it takes 1-2 months if branches are on the same city and 3 months when it is in a new city)

- Contract Length: 3-5 years

b) Advantages

- Not subject to specific sales targets being achieved. You pay a rent and a deposit

c) Tips on how to negotiate a shop lease

-Tip #1 Understand who is renting the space to you (i.e. the owner or a lessee) – you might be renting the space from a person who is not actually the landlord (but, for example, a tenant who is trying to sub-lease the premises). In such case, if the tenant does not manage to renew the contract with the landlord, you may be forced to leave the shop, after having invested in decoration, marketing, etc. You should therefore always ask the supposed landlord for his/her certificate of ownership of the premises.

-Tip #2. Understand what is the legal use of such premises (e.g. residential, commercial, etc.). In the certificate of ownership, you will be able to check what is the use of such premises. Please note that if the premises do not have a commercial use and, for example, they have a residential use instead, you are not supposed to locate a shop in such place- the authorities would deny the registration of this shop as a branch or as the registered office of a company. Furthermore, if you have an inspection, you will be exposed to sanctions.

-Tip #3. Try to negotiate renewal conditions in the initial lease contract (e.g. a maximum percentage rise per year) so that you don’t see a big hike in rental cost when the renewal time arrives

- Tip #4.If your shop will be in a mall that is currently under construction, we advise you to sign a letter of intention first and to negotiate the lease once the mall has the required licence.


a) Recent history

Joint Ventures and WFOEs have been allowed (theoretically) to engage in retail activity through the internet since 2004. The reality has been quite different though. Central MOFCOM had to approve these activities and approvals have either been put on hold or suspended.

Foreign companies used to navigate this difficulty in two ways:

- Avoiding setting up in China: but there are a number of hassles (logistics, currency exchange …)

- Partnering with a local broker

b) Update on Law & Regulations

This type of retail activity has now seen some encouraging signs. MOFCOM issued on 19 August 2010 the ”Circular on Several Issues Concerning the Approval and Administration of Foreign Investment in Sales via the Internet and Automatic Vending Machines”. The main changes that this circular represents are:

1. For established FIEs:

Internet sales are regarded as an extension of an FIE’s regular sales activities and can be conducted without any need to obtain additional approvals.

2. For Companies trading only through the internet:

Applications for the establishment of an FIE specialising in Internet sales are to be submitted for approval to the appropriate provincial-level agency under MOFCOM instead of central MOFCOM, which has two positive implications:

-speeds up the approval process, and

-promotes competition among regional administrations to capture foreign investment.

3. Some requirements on-line businesses should meet:

-display its business license in a prominent position on its website home page or on the website where it conducts sales activities.

-establish a comprehensive system for the return or replacement of goods.

-strictly protect consumers’ personal privacy.

-abide by China’s consumer laws and regulations.

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Education and Training Centre

Education and Training Centre

Study/Intern-ship in China

If you want the best experience that you can have in China, make sure to contact CBBA China Britain Business Association here for one of our language/internship programs today!

China Britain Business Association CBBA is a provider of internships for UK students and graduates in China. With our years of experience, we help students to immerse themselves into our internship programs, which help the individuals to further their personal and professional endeavours within a dynamic international environment.

Our organization operates on a foundation of ideas and principles, which include:

Learning the Chinese language - The best way to learn a foreign language is to actually live, work, and study in the foreign country.

Outstanding Working Experiences - Our internship and language programs are designed to fully immerse you into the cultural and business environment of China to give you an experience that you will never forget!

Create An International Network- If you are serious about working in international business, taking advantage of internships abroad in China is one of the best ways to give yourself a head start. Since you will be interning at a company in China, the relationships and knowledge gained from this experience can help you to form an international network of people.

Make a Difference- We have many study abroad programs, which allow you to help the community in China, whether by teaching English or providing other types of services. This giving of yourself in the cause of service can help you to feel like you are making a difference in the world.

Easy Enrolment - CBBA will take care of all of the necessary documents and paperwork to make it easier than ever for you to get into China. Once in China, we make sure to offer and provide support during the entire period of your exciting stay.

2019 Program Starting Dates

June                     06th June

July                      07th  July

Auguest               08th  Auguest

September           09th Sepytember
October               10th October

November            11th November

December           12th December

2019Price List

4 weeks              Chinese Professional Internership        £1000.00

8Weeks              Chinese Professional Internership        £2000.00

12/16 Weeks      Chinese Professional Internership        £3000.00

Accommodation is not included within the program fee. When you enroll in one of our internship or language programs, we will help you to find a suitable housing that meets your needs and budget. One of the most popular choices is that of staying with a Chinese family, or staying in a traditional Hostel. Private apartments can be shared amongst participants, and is offered as another accommodation choice. Depending on your budget constraints, CBBA is here to recommend the living arrangements that will work best with your financial situation.

China Homestay:

If you want a truly unique experience, nothing beats a Homestay option. Homestay is a fantastic way to immerse yourself into the Chinese Culture, as you will learn how a Chinese family lives day-to-day.

Host Family Profiles

Homestay host families are affluent and /or upper middle class, and live in private homes. The host family will give you your own private room and provide two to three meals a day. From this location, you will have access to public transportation in order to easily travel. Host families are carefully monitored and go through a detailed application process and interview before being accepted as an eligible host family.

Arrival Info

Arriving into Beijing, no matter what your total internship duration, this trip begins with 4 weeks of Mandarin lessons.

Internships placements (with a trip minimum of 1 months actual internship work) would then begin afterwards. The two combined, this means that the minimum total length of this trip is 2 months.

Airport transfers and a welcome orientation are included.

CBBA Scholarship program

CBBA is thrilled to be able to offer opportunities for scholarships to high performing students whose financial situation or other restrictions would not allow them to participate in Full Package Internship program. The CBBA Scholarship program provides scholarships that cover the entire cost of the Full package China Internship Program. If you are interested in internships but do not have the necessary funds to cover the cost of the internship, the CBBA Scholarship program is a great way to help your dreams come true.

CBBA will make decisions on all applications within 20 days after the application deadline. The winners may receive notification directly or through their participating universities or institutions of higher learning.

If you are interested in applying for the Scholarship program, please fill out the Application form (Email for application form.) below and submit it to CBBA. Scholarship winners will be determined based on the evaluation of the application and CV (resume).

Accommodation & Meals

Staying with a Chinese host family in Beijing for the duration of your trip, you will be taken directly to your accommodation after first arriving at the airport. All host family stays have been thoroughly checked to ensure their quality, and in return for your room and stay, you will be expected to teach your hosts around 5 hours of English a week.

Giving you the best and most authentic cultural experience, staying with a host family is the best way to improve upon your own Mandarin and gain a quicker understanding of Chinese culture and everyday life. Family stays are mostly located either in or close to the city, with easy access to public transport, shops and entertainment.

Alternatively, if you would prefer you can choose to stay in your own room in a shared apartment, or take a shared room in a hostel. This would be more expensive however. Please contact us for further information regarding this option.

You will receive 2 meals a day and these will be your breakfast and your dinner.

You should apply for this course around 2-3 months minimum before you plan to arrive in Beijing, to allow your visa and internship applications to be processed. You should also ensure your passport will remain valid for at least 6 months after your anticipated return date, and see your GP before travelling to discuss any relevant vaccinations or medication you may need.

Your internship placement will be confirmed before you travel.

Book Your Place

Booking this programme with a £99 deposit, you’ll be refunded if you are not accepted onto the internship programme.

You will then be sent an application form which should be completed and returned along with your CV and a passport sized photograph. Your CV should state your qualifications and previous work experience. (And should show your relevant experience to the type of internship you wish to join)

Processing Your Applications & Finding an Internship

Reviewing and processing your application to assess your suitability (occasionally telephone interviews are necessary) can then take up to one week. If you are accepted onto the programme we will start matching you to a suitable host company, which can then take a further 2-6 weeks.

Your internship placement offers would then be discussed with you. In order to secure your internship, you may be required to take an interview with the host company, confirming your placement (via phone or Skype).

Final Stages & Visa Applications

If you are successful you will then receive a letter of acceptance. We will then help you to apply for your ‘F’ visa. This visa enables you to both study (for your Mandarin Lessons) and work (your internship) in China. Please note your visa will be linked to this programme, and may not be used to find alternative or paid work whilst in China. Visa costs are not included.

Personal Liability Insurance

For this trip you MUST ensure that your travel insurance contains Personal Liability cover. This is in case you experience the misfortune of a workplace accident. If you purchase Gap 360 travel insurance you will be covered for this. 

Group Size

During your Mandarin classes you can expect small class sizes. On your Internship you will most likely be independent (though will meet some great new colleagues!), and will have the opportunity to socialise with other international interns through organised (optional) social and cultural events and trips, or by contacting other interns via a regular intern newsletter.


This internship trip begins on the first day of every month.

This programme can run from a minimum of 2, to 12 months.

No matter what your total internship duration, this trip begins with 4 weeks of Mandarin lessons in Beijing.

Internships placements (with a trip minimum of 1 months actual internship work) would then begin afterwards. The two combined, this means that the minimum total length of this trip is 2 months, though as internship work can last for anything up to 12 months in duration, the total trip length can stretch for anything up to a year. 


Arrival & First Weeks

Arriving into Beijing, you will be met at the airport and taken to your host accommodation (You will be living with your Chinese hosts for the full duration of your stay). During your first week you can expect to receive an orientation into China, and will have an introductory welcome meal with our in country team. Your first four weeks will then be spent taking Mandarin lessons.

Mandarin Lessons

Settling into Chinese life, no matter what your internship duration, all trips will begin with an initial four weeks of Mandarin lessons. Enabling your new Chinese life to run a little more smoothly, learning Mandarin (one of the fastest growing languages on the planet) will not only help you to get ahead in everyday life, but can improve your business skills and CV no end. Learning a new language, especially one widely used in business is one of the major benefits of this trip!

Language courses will begin on the first Monday of every month (Trips as a whole begin on the first day of the month), though will not run on public holidays.

Held in good Mandarin schools, you can expect small class sizes, designed to provide you with the quickest and most accelerated level of learning, as well as boost your confidence. Helping you to master daily Chinese and basic speech, your time on the course should help you to adjust and adapt to Chinese culture and everyday life, not just give you a basic grasp of the language.

Of course, living with a Chinese host family during your stay, you’ll have plenty of time to perfect your Mandarin mastery, and will be expected to return a favour a little: teaching 5 hours of English to your hosts a week.

Please note, language class durations can be extended if you would like. Please contact us for further information.

During Your Internship

Your itinerary during your internship will vary depending upon the work you choose to do and the company you join, though as a general outline business hours in China are 9-5, from Monday to Friday. Typically you’ll be expected to work between 30 and 40 hours a week.

To help your find your feet and to settle you in, you’ll be taken to your internship placement by our in country staff on your first day. Introducing you to your new colleagues, you’ll be told all about your roles and responsibilities; your workload shouldn’t be too manic during this stage, as the first few weeks are largely used as adjustment and transition time. Once your host company gets know you and your skills however, the real work begins! Formal dress is recommended for your first day at your internship.

Once you have completed your internship, you will receive a certificate of your work experience, and a reference from your host company. You may also be offered the chance for a more permanent paid position, but this is by no means guaranteed. If you are interested in finding permanent, or full time employment in China after your stay, our in-country partners can arrange to put you onto China’s largest Human Resources recruitment database. Further job hunting would be your own responsibility however.

Internships can last from 1 to 12 months, though typical durations are between 3 and 6 months.

What's included

  • Airport transfer upon arrival
  • A welcome orientation and welcome pack
  • A welcome meal with the in country team
  • Accommodation with a host family*
  • 4 weeks of Mandarin lessons in Beijing
  • Help with finding an internship placement
  • Accompaniment to your internship placement on your first day
  • A small allowance to cover transport and food, will be given to you on work days**
  • 2 meals a day with a host family stay (breakfast and dinner)
  • 24/7 in-country support
  • 24 hour emergency support

*You will be expected to teach them English for 5 hours per week
** This may not apply to short/ 1 month intern durations

What's not included

  • Flights
  • Travel insurance (your policy MUST include Personal Liability cover) +
  • Lunches
  • A return airport transfer
  • Visa costs (though we can help you obtain your F visa) 

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