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VIP Business Trip Business Centre

VIP Business Trip Business Centre
 VIP Business Trip to China 

 China is an increasingly important manufacturing and trading hub for many international business travellers. However, the journey can be daunting for both inexperienced and seasoned travellers since it presents unique challenges and opportunities when compared to work-related visits to Western countries.

 We can help you to make a business trip according to your requirements and your budget. We will take it for granted that you choose and determine your expense in China by yourself, because it’s you that know best the arm and requirements for this trip. But we will act as your china business assistant and friend to help you with your travel plan when you request. we will provide suitable suggestion for transportation and accommodation according to your travel route with an aim that save your time and money.

After knowing your specific requirements, we will discuss and communicate with you, and provide a detailed program agenda until you confirm it. So please contact us now and start preparing for your trip to China. Send email to:

When you come to China, especially to attend the trade fair or to visit your supplier, you might need some assistance to break down that language and cultural barrier between you and the person you negotiating with for best result. I can also act as your own business interpreter, assistant & secretary, a buying agent. NOT ONLY help you overcome the language and cultural barrier, ALSO stand on your side and try my best to protect your interests in business processing.

We can interpret and assist for:

1.  Trade Fair & Exhibitions
2.  General Business Meetings 
3.  Site Interpretation 
4.  Presentations  
5.  Factory Visits

Your own Virtual Assistant in China

We also provide affordable one-stop support from China Virtual Assistant to businesses and individuals needs ranging from simple secretarial assistance to high-end business and life solution in China. 

We will help you to streamline your business and personal life in China, save your money and time from simple assistance in business visits or moving around cities, through to complex legal meetings, We can absolutely help you and your business grow. 

We understand that some projects last a month, some a week and some only a few hours. Whatever the case, you may not necessarily want to hire someone permanently.

Having a personal assistant with the right range of experience is important. Whether you are based in China or abroad. For translating the emails, files, documents and assisting the communication between you and your clients or chinese suppliers. to ensure the whole process goes more smoothly with only affordable cost. 

Sourcing & Purchasing Assistant

Purchasing from China offers many lucrative opportunities for small to mid-sized western companies like retailers, wholesalers, and distributors. But doing business halfway around the world, with another culture and with people who speak an unfamiliar language, can be confusing and difficult. When you purchase from China, you need to have someone to follow-up your order, to make sure products are delivered in time and in good quality.
We can help you:

Select, pre-qualify and check out the background information of the manufacturer.

Communicate with the potential suppliers regarding your requirements.

Receive the quotations & samples on your behalf.

Organize and supervise during manufacturing.

Identify problems before products are shipped or distributed.

Make sure your order is delivered on time and within the budget. 

On-site quality inspections and in process quality control.

Pre-shipment quality inspection & Container loading check.

Ensure that contractual obligations are met: specifications, packaging, marking and delivery.

With Our services, you don’t have to:·

Limit your choices to English speaking manufacturers only.

Make frequent visits to China to check on your suppliers.

Buy from the middleman and pay the big mark-up added by the traders. 

Waste your valuable time on the unqualified suppliers.

Unaware of the fact that you are being ripped off.

Fooled by the unrealistic promises of Chinese suppliers.

Quality Control & Inspection

Maintaining quality controls, as well as communication channels, is key to successfully sourcing in China. How do you structure the relationship with your China business partner? Some companies use a full-service China sourcing agent and others set up a PRC representative office to manage China sourcing operations. No matter what route you take, maintaining high product quality will be challenging. For critical component with a low tolerance for error, having an employee on the ground to monitor the manufacturing process is indispensable. Strong communications systems are critical to supply chain management. According to our experiences, the order-to-delivery lag can be as short as twelve days but can run up to eight weeks. If demand changes unpredictably or there is no capacity for excess inventory, good communication between China suppliers and overseas clients becomes crucial. As for Our background and experiences, we offer a wide range of quality control services which are specifically designed to meet each client's particular needs.


all in all, these are just to make your trip easier and more enjoyable. If you want to know or learn more, go and check our other Business Centres that might also be helpful to you.

Good luck with your China business trip!