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Made in China Business Centre

Made in China Business Centre
 We are standing by to offer assistance at any time to SM business. 
China can offer opportunities to source high quality products at a very competitive cost. We will help UK buyers from finding suppliers to maintaining long term supply; identify the methods and actions that lead to success, and how to avoid the pitfalls. Getting the benefits requires knowledge of the market conditions, supplier practices and the processes involved.
We can offer various types of trading related services, such as:
Get pre-selected quality suppliers (Background, list of regions of China, and where to consider)
Identifying suppliers, the main routes, pros and cons
Validating suppliers
Specifications and contracts
 Payment methods
Quality management
Control and communication
Managing long run prices and security of supply

Buyer Testimonials
“Having won the 2009 Barrier-Free and Universal Design Prime Minister's Distinguished Achievement Award, we are looking for EMS provider to manufacture 426 MHz band radio wave products under OEM projects. We used to produce in Japan but we have changed to outsource the manufacturing generation to China for better cost effectiveness. ”

Mr Peter Young, Product Development Manager, Shinny Co, Ltd (UK)


We are spoilt by choices from the 5 suppliers screened. The one with desk & floor lamps have good potential; we will select some items for quotation and will visit their factory soon. Another supplier offering LED products is also very good, being very knowledgeable in the field. There’s one works on consultancy basis, so we may have opportunity to work with them on special projects in the future. This is our first time using buyer meeting service and we are very impressed. We realized that we can save lot of time. This is excellent; we will definitely try again next time!”

Mrs Sue Leung, UK Buyer

Supplier Testimonials

“We are very appreciative of the efforts by the CBBA in bridging connections. Its sourcing specialist explained explicitly to us the buyer's project objective and expectations on the quality level. Such practical advice became very valuable for our preparation of product samples which can best demonstrate our quality, design and craftsmanship to maximize our chance.”


 Mr Eric Huang, Sales Manager, Ranch Limited International