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Company Register & Trademark Centre

Company Register & Trademark Centre
 2015 New Business Start-up Offers!

Compared to registering a business in most Western countries, registering a business in China is challenging work filled with paperwork and bureaucratic red tape. It is practically impossible to properly complete the registration process without a qualified agency. Be sure that the agency is qualified and the agency has good connections and relationships with the various local authorities, and that they possess comprehensive knowledge about the numerous important aspects involved with legally and properly registering a WFOE.

China Company Registration

Company Formation

Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise (WOFE)  

The Business Scope is narrowly defined and interpreted for all businesses in China; a WFOE may only legally conduct business within the business scope that appears on its business license. 

Representative Office (RO)

A representative office is an organization that carries out market contacts and research for its headquarters, and assists in developing its business in other countries.

Joint Venture (JV)

A Joint venture is a company set up and invested by Sino and foreign investors. It effectively uses the advantages of local enterprises.

Partnership Enterprise (PE)

The Foreign Invested Partnership Enterprise (PE) is an unlimited liability business entity without minimum requirements on registered capital.

Let us help you make 2012 your most stellar year for business success!
We have an offer that we are quite certain is hard to refuse. China Britain Business Association has teamed up to offer you a complete package for launching your new business venture this year in China.

China Company Representative Office (RO)

1. China Company Representative Office ( RO) Beijing  - Full Registration  

2. Company Registration Address  -  1 Year

3. Beijing Virtual - 1 Year

4. Accounting Service   - 1 Year


Saving more than £600.00(RMB6,800.00)

China Company Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise  (WOFE)

1.China Company China Company WOFE ( Consulting) Beijing - Full Registration

2.Company Registration Address - 1 Year

 3.Hong Kong Company Registration, Bank Account & Notary  

 4.Accounting Service - 1 Year  


 (Saving More than 10% )

1.China Company China Company WOFE (Consulting) Beijing - Full Registration

2.Company Registration Address - 1 Year

3.Hong Kong Company Registration, Bank Account & Notary  

4.Accounting Service - 1 Year  

5.Trademark Registration

6.Sectary & Legal Filing Service Basic- 1 Year


 (Saving more than 20% )

+FREE ON-DEMAND PRESENCE Virtual Office Package

1.Prestigious CBD Registered Office Address

2.Dedicated Phone Number in your Company  Name

3.Fax Shared Number

4. Immediate Message Alert via Email & SMS

5.Self-Collection of Mail  & Parcels

6.2 Hours of Meeting & Office Facilities


To register a WFOE , JV, RO or PE in China you need a Registered address for your company .The Registered address has to be in a Government approved Office building.


If you don't want to rent your own office you can use our "company registered address" to register  your company from about £80.00 a year.

China Company Registration Address

 A legal Company Registration address has always been a problem for Foreign companies doing business in China;

CBBA can arrange your registered address in Beijing or Shanghai

 A Registered Company address is necessary for your WOFE, Representative Office or  JV Registration

We do a legal service, don't put yourself at risk with some illegal service that will disappear when you have a problem


We have Registered Office in Beijing from about £80 / year

Documents needed:

Copy of your passport, approved company name for Invoice.

How long does it take?

To get your  Company Registration address it rakes about 2-3 Days

Can I use this to register?

Yes, we find a legal address and you can use it to Register your Company

Can I order one if I am not in Beijing or China?

 Yes, just email us a scan of your passport and transfer the fees we will courier or post the papers to you

What you get

Registered address in Beijing

Size of office: 10-20 sq.m

Location: ChaoYang District ,Beijing

Contract: 1-3 years (extendable)

Ownership certificate -building developer's State-owned land use certificate

Property layout drawing, Property Papers

Rent invoices

Leasing contract - office rental contract with stamp tax copy

Contract rupturing 1 month notice

Deposit £80 .

Contact us to book one : +44(0)01733 748 114